Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh Canada

It was time to leave Ft. Drum and start the return trip home. One of our Mountain Warriors Riders, SFC Jason Cardoza came by to see us off. Jason, thank you and the fellow Moutain Warrior riders - CW2 Clint Gessner and CW5 Ken Jensen. We can't tell you how much we appreciate your time and support.

As we gased up on post, Tom went to turn on RideCam. This is a familiar site! For whatever reason, the USB port in the PC is not recognizing the camera. Looks like we are down for the duration. Bummer!

It's off to Niagara Falls. We decided to take Rt 104 around Lake Ontario instead of the Interstate. The first few hours were pretty good, but we should have hopped on the freeway near Rochester as the views were nothing special after that and it took a lot longer.

Our first stop was Brandy's for a little snack.
Then we had lunch on the banks of Lake Ontario. Good choice here!

Here's a new way to describe a Seagull.

We arrived at our hotel in Ontario about 6:30. Here's a photo from the hotel room. Talk about a room with a view!

Then it was off to a great steak dinner. I wouldn't mind staying another day, but we're off to Pittsburgh in the morning. We talked Bob into leaving at 10:00. We had to promise we'd be ready on time. Hey and it's only 12:10AM - not bad!