Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Deja Vu All Over....Back in Bristol!

Ok blog fans, sorry, but not much to report on today. We rolled out of Birmingham at 8:45AM. The story of the day was the weather. It was our best day! Blue skies, warm, but not hot. We actually rode in 4 states today. It's a good thing I checked Mapquest before I left this morning, because I would have become real concerned when I saw a "Welcome To Georgia" sign! That's right, for all you geography buffs, we actually rode through about 25 miles of northwest Georgia on our way from Birmingham to Bristol. When I quizzed the guys before we left, none of them realized we had to ride through Georgia either. We arrived at the Georgia border at 10:44AM....wait a minute...... I suppose it should really be considered 11:44AM due to the time zone change at the border. Then we made a quick fuel stop during our brief stay in Georgia.....where we have a new winner for the lowest gas price on our trip!

All of us were little low on oil, so we decided to head to the Harley dealer in Chattanooga. We crossed into Tennessee at 12:17PM and got to the Harley dealer a short time later. The guys there took real good care of us. Instead of just getting some oil, they performed an oil change for Tom's and my bike while we waited. We got something to eat during the oil change. Oh, and since Bob wasn't getting his oil changed (he has a Honda), he walked over to the Shell station for a quart of oil. Sorry Bob.

We arrived back in the Commonwealth at 7:44PM and at the hotel a few minutes later. Tom and I hit the hot tub real quick (it was hot this time) and back over to O'Charley's for dinner. We saw our waitress, Holli, from last week. She had been following our trip. Her mom, Deirdre, wanted to come meet us, but was at work.

As beautiful as today was, Thursday has the potential to be the worst day. We see a good chance for thunderstorms in the forecast. We are estimating our arrival at the Dulles office at 5PM. Of course, bad weather could delay us. We are not looking forward to donning the rain gear again. We haven't had to use it in over a week! However, we are all looking forward to getting home!

Did you know...... that it's just as far to go from Bristol, VA to Northern VA as it is to go from Northern VA to Bristol, Connecticut? Just a little trivia for you.

A note to some of our blog fans - Debbie - we waved at the hills for you. And for Martha's co-workers - there will be NO Cracker Barrel souvenirs!

Lastly, I decided that the guys should have road names - it's a biker thing. I'm not telling them their names, either they can read the blog or someone else can tell them. I've had many many miles to think about these, so here goes. Tom will now be known as "Rags". The reason - he is forever cleaning his bike and complaining about how dirty it is. Bob will now be known as "Kickstand". I can't tell you why, because I promised I wouldn't embarrass him. Use your imagination and I think you'll get it. Lastly, I guess I'll have to give myself a name. My name will be "Radar", as I was always checking the weather radar every morning, night and on the road.

I will post one finally blog after our return. Wish us luck Thursday.