Friday, May 19, 2006

We're Almost There....

So much to write about tonight, but it's already after 11PM and we are rolling out of here at 6:30AM - so here it goes - fast and furious.

The weather leaving Little Rock this morning was awesome! Clear blue skies, temps in the mid 60s. Once again we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I believe this is a least the sixth meal at CB, so we have dubbed Cracker Barrel as the official eating establishment of the Ride for America's Patriots!

After breakfast, our first stop was Doolin's Harley Davidson in Texarkana, TX. I just enjoy saying, "Texarkana Texas!" (John J. in Weisbaden, Germany - this pit stop was for you.) Pictured in front with Joe and Tom is Callie from the merchandise department. Thanks for your help Callie! We fueled up and got on our way .... btw, gas is a lot cheaper in Texas than it is in Northern Virginia.

As we rode from Texarkana, things were heating up. By the time we hit our next stop (I think it was Sulpher Spring, TX), it was t-shirt riding weather. We stopped off at Burton's. Bob and I just had desserts, but Tom couldn't resist putting down a Texas sized burger and onion rings (which were excellent). Tom is pictured with our waitress Amy. (Don't you think Bob looks like General Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf?)

Then it was off to Dallas (actually Mesquite). By the time we got to the hotel it was some kinda hot. Shorty and Chuck had already arrived (btw - Shortly is the one on the left). We were also met by 1SG Darly Eddings (and that is First Sargent, not just Sargent - make sure you get it right), Sgt Tracy Reep, Joyce Evans and Carol Thorm - all from the Coalition. Bob from somewhere here in Texas (I'll get the town later) arrived a few hours later.

Tom did the media thing with the local NBC station this time. Then it was off to shower up
and head out to dinner at Saltgrass.

I had some great conversation with Daryl and Tracy, who both served and were injured in Iraq. To hear their stories about what really happens over there is incredible. I could talk to these guys for hours. I'll share some of it later....other stuff I can't share - let's leave it at that.

We have a full day tommorrow - it would take me too long to list it here, so I'll recap it for you tomorrow. Actually, it probably won't be until Saturday because we'll be at a concert for the soldiers until after midnight. Tomorrow is the big day, as we meet the men and women at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) and present our check.

Please keep you comments coming, whether it's a post to us or the guestbook to the troops. It helps us keep going and we know it will help the troops.