Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Return Trip - Day 1

Nothing very exciting to report on today. This was our big travel day, as we logged almost 500 miles. We rolled out of San Antonio at 7:45AM and did the first leg of our trip (115 miles) before we stopped for breakfast. We actually ate someplace other than Cracker Barrel! Had a good breakfast at Frank's.

Next we made a stop just east of Houston and had some success with RIDECAM. Some of you may have saw us hanging out at a Sonic. It actually took some ride footage until we went out of range.

We were rolling along pretty good until we hit the the traffic jam from hell on I10 near Bridge City, TX. There was an accident either earlier in the day or yesterday (depending on who you ask) and they had to actually repave part of the highway. It took us almost an hour to go 5 miles. As you can see, we had some time to hang out on the Interstate.

Bob took the "what are you going to do" approach. Tom wasn't happy.

We crossed into Louisiana at 5:03PM. Couldn't resist stopping at the Drive-thru!

We finally rolled into the hotel around 8:30PM. Dennis from ABC was waiting for us and Tom did the honors. Nathan from CBS came a little later and I did that interview for the morning news.

Like I said, a pretty uneventful day. We are probably going to alter the route some tomorrow and go into the New Orleans area, probably Slidell, to see the hurricane affected areas first hand.

As has been the norm on this trip, morning will be here soon. Talk to you in Birmingham.