Thursday, May 25, 2006


Well, once again we dodged the rain. Things didn't look good at 8:00 this morning so, much to our disappointment, we put on the rain gear. We made really good time today because we knew we had to get north of Roanoke before the heavy rain moved in. A few sprinkles south of Harrisonburg is all we encountered. By the time we got to Front Royal, the skies were turning blue and we bagged the rain gear. Aside from a sunshower yesterday and a few sprinkles here and there, we never rode in any steady rain the entire trip. Wow!

We stopped for brunch near Staunton and got on our way again. Once we got to I66, since the weather was cooperating, we stopped by one of our favorite places to get a drink and some cinnamon apple donuts. We caught up with George, the owner, and let him know we'd see him in September on our Children's Miracle Network Rock-n-Ride.

Then it was time for the home stretch. When we arrived at the Dulles office we were greeted by some of our loyal supporters! We appreciate them taking the time to greet us! It was great to see our friends and family.

These are my guys - Juli and Greg. As chief blog contributor - I can put them in here :)

Juli reported on our ride as her current events assignment last week. Way to go!

Martin from the Loudoun Easterner stopped by to deliver a few of today's paper - with our front page story!

Then it was time for the boys to say good-bye. It's somewhat sad that our journey has come to an end. I will say that this trip was everything I expected it to be and so much more. We met some wonderful people, that we hope to see again some day. This is not the end. Plans for the future are being sorted out, but our soldiers need our continuous support. Our web site will remain open for contributions to the Coalition.

Lastly, there are so many people to thank- mostly Tom for the inspiration to do this. Bob - your time and effort with the logistics, sponsors and the connection with the American Legion Riders made this a journey of a lifetime. To our new friends from Post 593 - you are a wonderful group of people and you brought us into your family and for that we are grateful. You are doing great things down there. To JR, Joe, Daryl, Dan, Tracy, Joyce, Carol and Josh, from the Coalition - thanks for hanging out with us and for all you do to support our young soldiers. To Hugh and his family at Lonesome Dove - thank you for opening your home to us. To Wayne, Chuck and Bob - our fellow RE/MAX brothers - thanks for your time and support. One final BIG thank you to Andrea and Barb of my group. If it weren't for you guys, I couldn't have taken this trip. Thanks for being there and allowing me this opportunity.

Now it's time to blog off. I hope you enjoyed following our journey (all 3606 miles of it!). Your comments and feedback during our trip gave me inspiration to keep you guys included as best I could. Some folks have asked "can we still donate?" The answer is YES!! We will still gladly accept your contribution and submit it to the Coalition. June, July, August, etc. - we still need your support!

As we begin our Memorial Day Weekend - keep in mind - this holiday wasn't created for the SALE at the mall. It is to remember those that made the sacrifice that allows us to embrace the freedoms we enjoy every day. Hooah!